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 Birthing Doesn't Get Much Easier

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Alpacas are naturally programmed to give birth between the convenient hours of 9am and 2pm. Most all alpacas adhere to this schedule. This means no sleepless nights.

A noticeable filling of the dams udders is often the first sign of impending birth, occurring approximately 2 weeks before. Although there is no one certain sign of labor in an alpaca, it is usually recognized by a regular growing departure from her normal activities.

Labor and birth are usually smooth, spontaneous events. The rancherís presence is welcomed but their assistance is usually not required. Watching a newborn alpaca struggle to a standing position within 15 minutes, and find the nipples to nurse within an hour, is a sight to behold.

In nature alpacas re-breed in 2 to 3 weeks. Since the gestation period is about 11 months and 1 week, it is not rare for an alpaca to give birth on the same day, many years in succession.