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Natural pasture grasses, orchard grass hay and a source of fresh water are the mainstays of an alpaca’s nutrition.

Alpacas are earth friendly creatures who don’t harm trees or terrain, preferring instead to browse on natural grasses without pulling up the roots. Hay in the form of orchard grass becomes the mainstay especially in the fall and winter months when pastures are thin.

Protein, vitamin and mineral supplements in the form of small pellets are available at your local feed store. Alpacas relish the pellets and eagerly rush to eat their cup per day allotment. Additional supplements of dairy protein are sometimes given to nursing moms. Automatic waterers, mangers and feeding troughs are available to facilitate feeding chores, but many ranchers prefer the simplicity and contact associated with doing many of the chores by hand.

Feeding alpacas is a pleasure!

Spring brings fresh grass

Springtime is the hardest time to take pictures of our alpacas. They enjoy the fresh grass so much that their heads never come up. We don't irrigate our pastures - each spring is eagerly anticipated by our alpacas as the brown dirt is transformed into a green blanket of delicious new grass.

Aurelia REALLY enjoys her breakfast

Here's a young lady who appreciates the recently delivered orchard grass.

Leisurely Lunch

Pewter believes in eating in style and comfort. During the summer, we fill feeders in the pastures.