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Sport weight - Grade 2 Light Fawn Alpaca blended with 10% Bamboo

Price: $23.00
Ruffo's 20 micron fleece was spun into sport weight yarn and blended with 10% bamboo.

Each skein is 200 yards long and weighs 3.4 oz, 8 st = 1" with size 7 needles.

Hand wash, cold, mild soap, lay flat to dry.

Quantity Available: 9


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Sport weight - Grade 2, blended with 10% bamboo, hand-dyed w Kool-Aid

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Price: $25.00
White Pamina and Chasqui's  fleeces were combined,  spun into sport weight yarn and a few hand dyed with Kool-Aid in the Microwave.  3.6 oz,  98 grams,  200 yards.  

Kool-Aid is colorfast.  Hand wash cold, mild soap, air dry.

Quantity Available: 5


Sport weight 70% Alpaca 30% Merino wool

Price: $19.00
Made from North American Alpaca blended with 30% Merino Wool. Made in USA.
DK weight, 200 yds, 100 gr

Hand wash, dry flat.

Quantity Available: 6


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Sport weight hand dyed

main image

Price: $25.00

Heavenly soft Grade 2 Oregon grown alpaca yarn blended with 10% bamboo, hand dyed.   200 yards, 3+ oz.   Hand wash, lay flat to dry. 

T1 - turquoise
P1 - purple
RB1 - Royal Blue
RB2 - Royal blue light (second dye bath)
T1 - teal
T2 - teal second dye bath (only slightly lighter than T1)
E1 - Emerald
E2 - Emerald second dye bath
V1 - Violet
V2 - Violet second dye bath

I will be happy to send you a sample of  any of the colors listed.  If you need more than one ball, please call so that I can adjust the shipping rate.  Still waiting for my web guru to change that part in the shopping cart.

Quantity Available: 36


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